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Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions : It is important that you read and accept the Terms & Conditions of this site before you become a member of MOLS Wallet Card. MOLS Wallet Card reserves the right to amend these terms and condition at any point of time. Please check the website for any updates.

Definitions & Interpretations : Wereferred to MOLS Wallet card. you / member / holder / wallet user / app user /referred to you as the holder of a valid membership with MOLS Wallet Card., Website referred to as participating establishmentsrefers to a grocery, food & beverage, medicals & hospitals, flues, educational institutions, hotels & Restaurants, entertainment, electrical & electronics, automobiles, tours & travels, gold & ornaments. Offering a discount under the MOLS Wallet Card scheme.

Mols wallet is not a credit or debit card, it is only a prepaid wallet therefore there is no preloaded amount in it.

Mols wallet cannot be recharged in bank, molsindia is the authorized company to recharge the wallet.

Mols wallet is owned by MY One Lakh Shopping India Pvt Ltd and the service is provided by bank Ltd.

Wallet users funds are controlled and monitored by bank Ltd.

Mols wallet can be used in Online for any kind of purchase and it can be used in any visa accepting POS

Mols Wallet cannot be used to transfer money from one Wallet to another Wallet.

Mols extra discount will vary from merchant wise, area wise, category wise, product wise and brand wise.

Mols Wallet can be recharged only through your own account.

In case of organization employer can recharge for their employees .

You can upload maximum of Rs.50,000/ only in the Wallet.

Maximum recharge per day is Rs. 50,000/

Maximum purchase limit per day is Rs.50,000/

Maximum cash withdrawal per day from ATM is Rs.25000/

Mols india will not hold any responsibility in case of Permanent or temporary closer of partnered merchant both Online and Offline.

Wallet users should purchase product in MOLS partnered merchant on their own wish both in Offline and Online.

Mols india will not be responsible for any delayed home delivery from merchants both Online and Offline.

Molsindia is not responsible for any damage in products during home delivery.

Customer gets cash back while they do online purchase and gets instant cash discount for Offline purchase.

MOLS help line number is 044 48535695. Customers can call for any queries related to enrollment, loss of card, login related issues, cash back, live offers and shop identification.

MOLS is having tie up with online and offline shops after verification of their quality service and products. Even though if any problem arises in terms of quality and service, MOLS will not have any responsibility on it.

MOLS tie up Merchant in online and offline shops will be changed time to time without prior notice.

Mols offline cashback will be shown in customer’s my account within 48 hours after purchase.

Online purchase cashback will be shown after the return policy normally 15 to 30 days and it may differ in certain cases

Threshold amount for cashback withdrawal is Rs.300/

Once my account reached Rs.300 the amount will be transferred to MOLS Wallet.

In case of loss of wallet customer can directly call Customer care number which is mentioned in the wallet to block the card.

Replacement of card is subject to charges.

Wallet can be used only in visa accepting POS (5,00,000 visa accepting merchants in India)

MOLS wallet can be used for booking any tickets, mobile recharge and utility payments

MOLS will not provide cash back for ATM cash withdrawal.

In some partnered merchant children age below 18 years will not be allowed.

Mols card subscription fee is Rs.690 including GST

Customers should check the merchant to demand MOLS discount before making payment in some cases.

If POS machine is not working due to Internet problem and if customer made payment by cash it has to be informed to MOLS to get cashback if applicable.

Customer’s signature is mandate in the card, otherwise it is not valid.

To avoid confusion, Customer should inform in cash counter while making payment through mols wallet, so that the cashier can give you mols discount.

In rare case merchant may refuse to give mols discount in festival season or force majeure event which shall include but not be limited to, acts of God, civil or military authority, acts of the public enemy, threat of war, declared war, undeclared war, war riots, actual or threatened terrorist activity, acts of terrorism, terrorism, hostilities civil disturbances, insurrections, industrial dispute, strikes, accidents, explosions, fires, earthquakes, volcanic ashes, floods, transportation embargoes, epidemics, diseases.

Customer should plan his purchase and load his wallet accordingly or else the cash back will be given only for the payment which is made to merchant through wallet if any cash transaction that would not be eligible for cashback

Card selling Agent is not authorized to collect any cash for recharge, So Customer be aware of it.

Customers can recharge their Wallet by net banking or Using MOLS App

Customers can enjoy dual benefits, example MOLS extra discount and extra discount in some cases both in online and Offline.

In some cases customer can enjoy either MOLS discount or extra discount.

Customers can use MOLS earned cashback by withdrawing it as cash or can be used for Shopping.

During enrollment with MOLS Wallet customer should ensure whether the agent is authorized by MOLS or not by asking authorization letter.

Our Artificial Intelligence will update you about the ongoing offers and discounts and instant offers time to time however our agent will also update you about latest offers and discounts to Customers.

If Customers are not satisfied with the service provided by the Agent he/she can request MOLS to replace another agent for service.

Customer can recommend MOLS to make partner with their favorite merchant but it will be accepted only if the Merchant fulfills the standards of MOLS.

A MOLS partnered merchant can be a wallet user.

Validity of Wallet is two years and it shall be renewed either free of cost or subject to certain charges which depends upon their POS usage.

In some cases MOLS cashback amount which earned from nonpartnered merchants cannot be withdrawn as cash those cashback can be redeemed only with our partnered merchants.

All your recharge amount and POS transactions are governed and monitored by RBI .

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of India and subject to the provisions of Courts of chennai, shall have exclusive jurisdiction for matters pertaining to this Agreement.

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